Our Story so far...

At the heart of our film Brown Girl Begins, is Ti-Jeanne's coming of age story as she chooses to step into the power that is available to her through her family and ancestral spirits. Early on we considered telling a larger than life story...but we soon found out we were fronting if we did that!

We aren’t Wonder Woman, we are Brown Girl Begins — a small story about the frustration of trying to find your voice in a world that doesn’t prioritize a young, struggling, black teenager’s voice.

We designed our T-shirt's with the words "The Future is HERe" emblazoned on the front because we truly believe that the future of our communities lies in the hands of the many women who are working and living in the present, knocking down walls and becoming trailblazers for the next generation of women to come.

We debated amongst ourselves whether this was the right time to release our t-shirt as the whole world is exploding with the hashtags #metoo and #MeAt14. Yes we want to market our film, and yes we want our supporters to have a tangible piece of Brown Girl Begins but is this the right time? And we decided YES , ready we ready — we are the future, the future is here, say it and live it!

We know that it is important to give voice to women, and want to ensure that the stories of women are heard, believed and prioritized. Women are speaking out, confronting their past and leaving their fears behind, while empowering other women all in the same breath.

This shirt was designed by a group of black women, with the aim of sending a message of solidarity and empowerment. Just because you're not an amazon-like Wonderwoman, ready to kick a door in...doesn't mean you don't have a voice to be heard. Again we say, The Future is HER(E).

Brown Girl Begins